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Swedish Massage Swedish Massage is a very relaxing and therapeutic style of body work. It combines oils or lotions with an array of strokes such as rolling, kneading and percussion to help the body improve its circulation. The benefits of this type of massage are vast and include relief from aches and pains, decrease stress levels in the body, enhance mental clarity, and improve sleep patterns. $35 / $60 / $90
Deep Tissue, Trigger Point and Acupressure Therapy Deep Tissue Trigger Point and Acupressure Therapy is a kind of bodywork that will incorporate many different types of techniques to help with tight muscle problem areas or chronic pain issues. It will address musculature from superficial to deep layers. This type of massage is usually limited to a few areas of the body. Stretches are often incorporated into the massage, or given to the client to perform at home, to enhance the therapy and help maintain the results achieved from the massage. $35 / $60 / $90
Sports Therapy There are two main goals to sports massage: -Assist the athlete in achieving and maintaining peak performance
-To support healing of injuries Many of the techniques of athletic massage are identical to those of Swedish massage such as “effleurage” gliding stokes, “kneading” vertical tissue lift, passive and active joint mobilization, percussion, vibration, and friction. One of the primary differences is that with sports massage the movements are done two to three times more rapidly in sports massage than with Swedish massage. $35 / $60 / $90
Combination Therapeutic Massage Mario Joseph M's Signature Massage! A “Therapeutic Muscle Massage Tune Up” the best M for circulation and a structured combined massage that can be personalized based on your treatment plan needs. This combines several techniques: ROM- range of motion, stretching, with Swedish, MFR – Myofascial Release, DT- Deep Tissue and TP- Trigger Point with Acupressure for the specific problem /chronic muscle and joint pain areas with benefits in movement, physical release and relief and leaves you with a skip in your walk home! $35 / $60 / $90
Disclaimer: BODYWORKS CORE CENTER does not diagnose or cure disease. Our services are intended as a complement to traditional medical practice and care and should not be considered a substitute for medical treatment. The massage services performed are non-sexual in nature and designed to be a health aid and relaxation therapy. Clients must state all known medical conditions and take it upon themselves to keep the therapist updated on their physical and mental health. BODYWORKS CORE CENTER reserves the right to postpone or cancel the appointment of any client who may have a condition that contraindicates a massage. Both the therapist and the client have the right to refuse or stop treatment at any time if the stated policy is not honored. Cancellation Policy: Appointments are guaranteed, however if unable to keep an appointment kindly give 24 hours notice. ASK ABOUT OUR BCC MEMBERSHIP PROGRAM AND SAVE! INTAKE FORMS UPON REQUEST,