Bodyworks Core Center: Mario Joseph M
Mario Joseph M became interested in massage therapy to assist his wheel chair bound daughter, paralyzed at T12, in keeping her lower extremity body muscles healthy and alive and his wife, an avid runner, with typical sports wear and tear. As he began to research the various techniques, he was intrigued with the art of massage and its many physiological and psychological benefits. As his interest grew, he enrolled in a National Certified Massage Therapy program, graduated with top honors, holds NCTMB and LMT titles; National Certification for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork and License Massage Therapist. He currently resides in Elgin, Illinois. He enjoys seeing and helping his clients benefit from his signature therapeutic massage techniques and especially with their overall positive relief / release results and with full relaxation sessions.

Information, DBA: Name:
Mario Joseph M Bodyworks Core Center
Mario J. Martinez Certifications / Education:
National Certification for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork Licensed Massage Therapist Services:
Swedish Massage
Deep Tissue, Trigger Point and
Acupressure Therapy
Sports Therapy
Relaxation Areas of Interest:
Health and Fitness
Mind and Body Well Being
TMC; Traditional Chinese Medicine
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